This object is an extension of the arm able to project a person in zero gravity in the context of a spatial urbanism. The idea is to add a vital function to the human in space, as it allows him to travel without having to manually propel himself on the sides and understand the space in its immensity, as opposed to very limited spaces. This project is divided in three steps: first the conception, draft, 3D modeling, researching the various elements. Then the creation of the prototype, then the tests. 

The compressed air system is made of a paintball air bottle of 1.2 liters as 200 bars of pressure, an air outlet and an opening mechanism (tap on the bottle linked by cable to the manual command). The outer shell is made of fiber glass. The prototype has then been tested in a pool to reproduce the feeling of zero gravity as closely as possible. 

Atelier Ricardo de Osots, ESA 2010
Design credit: Tom Bénard, Jonas Braoudé, Hugo Reichamann