Advertising creature protoype, photos

Advertizing creature is speculating about the nature and the forms of advanced technologies, digital creatures, robots and else in a post cybernetic environment when machines will be part of our everyday life. Some machines will invest the most important productive spheres (such as medical, architectural and industrial) as well as the public space. Then, over the wide range of benevolent creatures will emmerge new subversive machines.

In the ruthless advertizing battle between the gigantic institutions (such as coca-cola, google) a little, durty, cheap DIY-like creature is diffusing alternative ads and "OR spams" over the building facades which progressively sature the public space. As cockroaches survuves in cities, the creature feels the danger, runs away when it is necessary and projects ads whenever it has the opportunity. Advertizing creatures are easily hackable from internet or directly from the street provided that you are able to time it.

From a technical point of view, the actual prototype is composed of a simple leg mechanic inspired by the Theo Jansen one. The legs runs with a basic wiper engine. The hanging abdomen support all the batteries as well as the rotation mecanism. The head on the upper part of the abdomen carry, in one hand, the projector, which feature as the single eye of the creature, and, in an other hand, the mecanic of the ventilation system inspired from fishes bronchias.

All the construction peces are available on internet customizable. Then, you just need to cut them out using a laser cut machine and piece it together. The aesthetic of the creature has been elaborated over the will to give it a specific identity by mixing both mystical and animal references in order emphasize the wildness of the townscape.

Advertising machine physical prototype
Advertising machine projecting -click to animate-
Advertising invasion speculation
Advertising machine wireframed views
Elevations, technical drawings 
 Motion system inspired from Theo Jansen (multiple rotating axes)
 Rotative "pelvis", 4 animated legs attached on
 Leg panel, peces to lasercut
 Exploded axonometric
Jury presentation