The Capital HIM project is inspired by Nicola Formichetti’s stylistic work through Lady Gaga’s and Rick Genest’s fashion personas. The emerging esthetics in fashion is translated into a spatial condition, retaining the main qualities; it is alienated, urban, volumetric and at times vulgarly carnal (no pun intended). The network of theoretical connections meshed with the space of the given site (Walker Street, NY) generating the three-dimensional spatial condition per se. This allowed a series of control points and lines that would parameter the starting point to the physical substance. An actual morphology is created by narrowing down the possibilities of physical connections. The organic appearance of the project and its arbitrariness reflect the whimsical nature of the fashion at hand, robust and sensual at the same time.
The designer’s pop-up store proposal starts to perform as a multi-tasking machine embedded with a myriad of performances. Its protuberances behave as clothes hanging devices while the tattoo skin-like surfaces operate as multi-layered apparel devices. The whole project transforms onto a catwalk scene or launching parties for Nicola’s clientele and friends."

BOFFO Building Fashion Competition, New York, 2011
Project designed within AYASTUDIO, 
Capital HIM design team: Jorge Ayala, Jonas Braoudé


 Mesh condensation process -click to animate-

Longitudinal elevation (2), programmatic description

Longitudinal elevation (1), apparel and display
Longitudinal elevation (1), Catwalk and "soirée mode"
Transversal elevation
Panoramic, The catwalk
Panoramic, The store
High ceiling apparel
Corridor-like displayed collection
Tattooed structural skin highlighting Rick Genest legacy
Structural skin installation versus Rick Genest
Structural protuberances for clothing design hanging
Fleurting and cruising in the changing rooms
Vip lounge view from

 Nicola Formichetti's DNA matrix -click to animate-

Nicola Formichetti's DNA matrix scenarios -click to animate-


La matrice constitue un portrait fictif de Lady Gaga. Elle permet d'envisager autant de scénarios qu'il y a de combinaisons possibles, de conditions spatiales hybrides (spacieux, ornemental, sacré, répétitif...). Au delà de l'enjeu conceptuel auquel prétendent ces scénarios, cette matrice est la stratégie mise en place pour mettre en scène le client, Nicola Formichetti, en le plaçant au coeur de ses préoccupations et en le renvoyant à ses propres fantasmes d'imperator de la mode. L'architecture devient un produit commercial, une fashion victime assumant l'exubérance, la provocation, le glamour et ses dérives quasi pornographique à l'image des égéries Gaga et Genest.